Kiting Locations

We have three main kiting locations, Kite Beach, La Boca and Encuentro. Between all three, they offer a condition for every aspect of kiting. Read a little more about each spot below.

Kite Beach


We are located right at the upwind point of Kite Beach offering flat water inside the protection of the reef, and perfect peeling waves on and beyond the reef! This is our main kiting location as you have the best of both worlds and it’s right on our doorstep.

La Boca


La Boca is the flat water spot which is a small lagoon located at the Yasica River mouth only a 5 minute drive. Once you have finished your session you can choose to either get a ride back in the truck or venture off on a 20 minute downwinder in the waves right back to our doorstep!



Located 2 minutes downwind from Kite Beach, Encuentro has some of the best waveriding conditions in the Caribbean! Once the wind kicks in, the surfers leave and the kiters come out to play.

About Cabarete

Cabarete, Dominican Republic, the mecca of watersports. Cabarete is a small local town combining tourist amenities and Dominican culture. It has so much to offer including perfect kitesurf, windsurf and surf conditions and tropical sandy beaches. It also has an amazing nightlife with everything you would wish on your doorstep. And with an average temperature of 30 C, you’re sure to top up that tan and enjoy the warmth! Cabarete also had some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets! Along with being the tropical destination of your dreams, Cabarete is full of the most talented people, from exotic bikinis, to extravagant paintings, wooden carvings, handmade jewellery and anything else you can imagine! Most of these can be found at the local Night Market!

Cabarete is blessed with thermal trade winds which supply strong and consistent Easterly winds making it a windsurfing and kitesurfing hotspot with perfect cross onshore conditions. Also, you have a choice of flat water to practise free style inside the reef, and some perfect peeling waves on the reef to practise your wave skills! With a mixture of beginners, amateurs and professionals, you’re sure to find some inspiration on Kite Beach. With the wind picking up towards the afternoon, this gives opportunity to make the most of the incredible surf beach Encuentro. With roughly 350 wavey days a year, Encuentro offers different breaks for total learners to pros alike! There are also some incredible reefs to snorkel and check out the local sea life. Oh, and this isn’t it! There are loads of tours, adventures and day trips ready for when you want to try or see something new!

On a budget or not, theres a restaurant for everyones price range. With over 30 different restaurants offering almost every kind of food you can imagine. You definitely won’t be stuck finding something to eat. From £2 you can buy pizzas, burritos to gourmet meals. Cabarete really has it all! The average price for a meal out is from £3-£8. Often local restaurants offer great deals e.g. two for one pizzas!